1. What is the registration system?

We now use an online registration system to provide a better registration experience for you and
increased efficiency for us. provides the registration system that feeds in
to the familiar Mattawan Consolidated School Web Store powered by RevTrak.

2. How do I register my student for an Online Course, Athletic Participation or Field Trip?

Follow the link from the front of the Mattawan Consolidated School Web Store to the Registration list.
Choose your Program and Course to see all class dates available.

Select your desired class.

Use the Click Here button to register.

Sign in as a New Customer (parent) or a Returning Customer (parent).

Then choose or add the Participant to your family account.

3. How do I establish a registration account?

One PARENT establishes a RegistrationWerks account and adds all family members to the same registration account.

Establish as the Card Holder (parent):

• If you have ever made a payment in the Mattawan Web Store you are already registered in the RegistrationWerks system with the same email and password as with RevTrak.

• If you are new to the Mattawan Web Store, register with RegistrationWerks. When you checkout with RevTrak, you will be a NEW CUSTOMER.
Feel free to use the same email and password (established on the checkout page), or you may use a different one.

Establish the Participant (student):
• When the parent signs in, choose the ADD PARTICIPANT button to identify a family member. In the future, you simply choose the participant for the course or event.

4. How do I register for multiple classes and sessions?

Multiple classes for the same student:
Choose your first class, choose the participant, and answer the questions. At the bottom of the registration page, use the CONTINUE TO SHOP button to register for the second class.

Multiple classes for the different student's:
Choose a class and then choose (or add) the next student and answer the questions. At the bottom of the registration page, use the CONTINUE TO SHOP button to register for the second class.

Go to Checkout when you have registered for all students and all classes.

Warning: If you accidentally get to the shopping cart page instead of returning to the class list page - do NOT use the Browser back arrow: You have a choice at this point. You may continue through to checkout for this group of registrations, then return to register students for other classes. Or, you may abandon the cart (close the browser completely) and start over again.

5. How do I pay for a friend to take the class?

The person making the payment may establish the registration account, then ADD PARTICIPANT to include information about the actual participant.

You will need the participant's address and telephone.

You will receive the registration confirmation email to forward to your friend.

6. I got a message that says, "A registration already exists for the selected class and participant" but I have not paid for it yet. What happened?

The registration system immediately reserves your spot when you click on the register now page, if you can't or don't make the payment as a seamless transaction with your registration it will be declined. If you receive either an "Already registered" or "This registration is already exists in your Shopping Cart" message, please completely close out of your browser and restart the registration.